Mompreneurin’ Ain’t Easy

Before anything else, I am a mom! With being a mom comes many responsibilities, you aren’t just taking care of yourself now you have a little to pay attention to, problem-solving, and figuring out how to put it in “baby” terms. I may be the only person in the world that thought this mom thing will be a piece of cake. Me oh my was I dead wrong! Taking everything day to day is literally your best bet when it comes to learning, play time or tidying up but be certain to keep a schedule of times your child eats/sleeps for me that time is when I can focus a few moments on me.


I love the term mompreneur it’s letting you know that this mom means business (literally)! In a sense, mommy duties and business duties are the same because you are required to pay attention to the fine details at all times. You nurture your family the same way you grow a successful business.

Entrepreneurial Reminders:

  1. Start today, the more you push off what you want to do the less time you have to actually fulfill your dreams and desires.
  2. Don’t take a set back personal. Pick your head up and use that dismay to your advantage by learning from the situation.
  3. Remember you are not alone, find a mentor or local meet ups with like minded individuals. This is also a great way to market yourself!
  4. Staying encouraged every step of the way is crucial. Having positive energy will manifest the desires you want for yourself.


Whether you’re momin’ or mompreneurin’ you are still running the show and being the boss of your own life while building your confidence every day with the challenges you face. Always remember you are worthy of whatever you want to achieve.

mommin01   giphy-11



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