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Learning Community at Home

    Friedrich Fröbel



I will be homeschooling my 11-month-old love bug so I’ve been doing my research on building a curriculum that I would love to share for FREE of course! During my research, I have found out that nursery rhymes (traditional poem or song for children) play a crucial part in the early child development. Research also supports the allegation that music and rhyme increase a child’s ability in mathematics skills. Here’s a fun nursery rhyme to start your little one off introduced in the mid 18th century:


“Mary had a little lamb, little lamb,
little lamb, Mary had a little lamb
whose fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went
Mary went, Mary went, everywhere
that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go.”

(Mary Sawyer kept a pet lamb, which she took to school one day).



The fun begins for our fellow preschoolers from ages 3 and 4 years of age. Focusing on building your child’s memory with repetition of the infamous ABC’s, numbers, days of the week, months, season’s (comparison). Of course, songs (I guess that is what I’ll call it once my daughter is around this age) ie nursery rhymes, add movement or dancing maybe even incorporate play time and affordable DIY craft. I would personally finish off the day with story time since things are starting to wind down.


Kindergarten Ages 4 – 6

I would love to communicate with you to get more information on different activities from your own curriculums for kindergarten to twelfth grade

I’m hoping to homeschool as long as possible but I am nervous she wouldn’t always want to be around her parents since we both work from home we will pretty much be together 24/7. As they say, you spend the most amount of your time at work/school. As she gets older I would like for her to achieve her greatest ability who better to do that than with her own parents.

German educator opened an infant school in Blankenburg, Prussia year 1837. Originally it was called the Child Nurture and Activity Institute, but then later renamed Kindergarten, or “garden of children.”

Learn more about the man who started it all by clicking here.

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